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07 February 2015

Drum & Paint

“Drum & Paint” Performance Art is based on combination of experimental music and art. Basically giving an opportunity to the audiences and participants to experience and absorb the process of creation and improvisation on visual art and music.

WATCH: Improvisualizations



DRUM &PAINT Performance Art, @ Z-arts Dec 2013

The Previous “Drum & Paint” Performance Art was the collaboration with Kurdish Painter (Amang Mardokhi) at Z-arts in Manchester December 2003.

The Performance was based on the idea of four main elements in life (Water, Fire, The wind, Soil)

This Project was unique opportunity to the audiences to absorb the process of creation and improvisation.


Said By Audience:

  • Unique experience of being a witness of creating a painting with every process and happening going on till the end. Every painting told a happening and the music took it to the deep of the heart of the painting. I heard that heart beating!
  • Definitely agree with the idea of this being a process and the end product being less important.
  • I like the process of evolution, perhaps planing with lighting and smell as well !!
  • Find it very special of combined the art and music!
  • Really calming and like the idea of four elements.
  • An inspirational event. I was taken on a journey through my scenes and emotions were heightened. Fantastic opportunity to observe + absorb Art.


Next Drum & Paint

I will be Collaborating with a great talented  Brazilian Artist “Lindenberg Munroe” on the next Drum&Paint Performance Art. More details on the performance will be announced very soon.

Lindenberg Munroe



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