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Date : 16 / Jun / 2019

“Abstract Is The Wind” Performance Art

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Abstract is the Wind

A live art and musical performance by Amang Mardokhy, Arian Sadr and Christian Van Fields in our Cafebar. You, the audience are invited to come together with the artists and musicians in a unique installation which journeys through art and music. The musicians and artists play with tones, melodies and rhythms using the piano, the Tonbak and Daf (Persian drums), mixing free jazz and Persian folk music. Visual art inspires music and music inspires visual art connecting us all.

Our different lives, emotions and experiences, and what we share as humans, are explored in light and sound connecting us through an ever-shifting dance of colours and music as if we are moved by the wind.

Liberate your imagination and make your own interpretations in a wide, free space of diverse perspectives and meanings that never stand still.

Abstract is the Wind

Dust into Dust // First Music Album
  1. Dust into Dust // First Music Album