Arian Events and Meet Ups
Date : 18 / Apr / 2015
Time : 19.30
Address : The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield 18 Kenwood Park Road, S7 1NF Sheffield
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Haymanot Tesfa with Mina Salama & Arian Sadr


Haymanot Tesfa (Ethiopia), Mina Salama (Egypt) and Arian Sadr (Iran). Individually they are hugely talented musicians, each with their own fascinating musical and personal journey which has led them to the UK. But the combination of the traditions and influences that they bring delivers a compelling and mesmerising experience that you will not forget. They are currently collaborating on Haymanot’s debut solo CD album … so be there at the beginning … this will be a fascinating evening!

As well as hearing their stunning music, all three will share more about their stories, their cultures and themselves in conversation with Tony Bowring, Rafiki Jazz bandleader and MD of Konimusic. And of course you will have the chance to ask questions about whatever aspects interest you most


Dust into Dust // First Music Album
  1. Dust into Dust // First Music Album